Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wi-Fi 'protected set-up' not so protected after all

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team warned this week of a security flaw in a popular tool intended to make it easier to add additional devices to a secure Wi-Fi network.
On Tuesday, the organization, known as US-CERT, cited findings from security researcher Stefan Viehbock, who uncovered the security hole in the so-called Wi-Fi Protected Set-up, or WPS, protocol, which is often bundled into Wi-Fi routers. The WPS protocol is designed to allow unskilled home users to set up secure networks using WPA encryption without much hassle. Users are then able to type in a shortened PIN instead of a long pass-phrase when adding a new device to the secure network.

That method, however, also makes it much easier for hackers to break into a secure Wi-Fi network, US-CERT says. The security threat could affect millions of consumers, since the WPS protocol is enabled on most Wi-Fi routers sold today.

"A few weeks ago I decided to take a look at the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) technology," Viehbock said in a blog post. "I noticed a few really bad design decisions which enable an efficient brute force attack, thus effectively breaking the security of pretty much all WPS-enabled Wi-Fi routers. As all of the more recent router models come with WPS enabled by default, this affects millions of devices worldwide."

The basic problem is that the security of the 8-digit PIN falls dramatically with more attempts to key in the password. When an attempt fails, the hacker can figure out if the first four digits of the code are correct. From there it can then narrow down the possibilities on the remaining digits until the code is cracked. Viehbock said a hacker can get into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot in about two-hours using this method to exploit a vulnerability.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

These .xxx domains are ready to hook up

If you always fancied your very own .xxx domain name, it's not too late: plenty of real estate in the Internet's official red light district remains unclaimed, CNET has learned. and are taken, but and are not. and are reserved, but,,, and could be yours for a mere $100 a year.

High-quality university names also remain unclaimed.,, and may be off-limits, but,, and aren't. (Playboy, which recently published a "Girls of the SEC" feature, take note.)

That's according to a new analysis by Elie Bursztein, a Stanford University researcher who found that of the 50,000 most popular Web sites in the world, only 24 percent have their .xxx counterpart registered.

"There's been a lot of news about people rushing to buy .xxx," Bursztein told CNET today. "But after the dust settled, it turns out that the data don't agree with the hype."

Early reports suggested that companies and schools were snapping up .xxx domains to prevent them from being used for pornographic purposes -- especially, perhaps the types of hardcore parodies the adult industry is known for.

Bursztein provided CNET with the raw data from his review of over 55,000 .xxx domains, which show that the triple-X counterparts of many popular Web sites, including, have not been reserved. We've placed some excerpts below (scroll down).

The list of news organizations that chose not to claim their corresponding .xxx domains includes:,,,,,,, and

That might be no surprise, but there are also plenty of popular adult sites that chose not to make the leap. Dot-com sites that rank among the Internet's most popular 5,000 destinations, according to Alexa, that have left their corresponding triple-X domains unclaimed include,, and Porn star Lexi Love has left unclaimed.

For more info go to this site and read it;topStories

Monday, December 26, 2011

Apple dominates Google's Zeitgeist 2011

Google's annual Zeitgeist roundup of the hottest trends in search from 2011 is out, and when it comes to tech, Apple dominates the list.

In Google's top 10 list of fastest-rising technology searches for the United States, the top six are all Apple-related, led by "iCloud," "Osx Lion" and "Ipad 2." "Steve Jobs" also makes the list at No. 8.

Google fared a little better on its own overall global top 10 list, with "Google+" snagging the No. 2 spot. In a major milestone in the history of collective global humiliation, the top search slot for 2011 goes to "Rebecca Black." Apple also occupies three places on the overall list, with "iPhone 5" at No. 6; "Steve Jobs" at No. 9; and "iPad 2" at No. 10.

Google's list of fastest-rising gadgets for the year is a little more representative of the overall market, with Kindle Fire grabbing the search gold in that category. The iPhone 4S was the second-fastest-rising term, and the iPad 2 fills the seventh place. "Sidekick 4g," "HP Touchpad," "HTC Inspire," "Palm Pre 3," and the "HTC Thunderbolt" are some of the other devices that people spent plenty of time coveting via Google in 2011.

It's important to note that these "fastest rising" terms are based on comparing year-over-year data and seeing which terms increased their buzz the most from 2010. So since the Kindle Fire didn't exist in 2010, it had a bit of an advantage over terms like "iPad 2," which was already in the lexicon even before the Fire came onto the scene.

Finally, in Google's top 10 list of cell phone searches--overall, not using the fastest-rising methodology--the query "iPhone" sits on a pretty tall throne above all others. But it isn't completely an Apple world. Serving as a reminder that we can't all afford a top-of-the-line smartphone is the No. 5 entry on the list--prepaid budget carrier "Tracfone."


Sunday, December 25, 2011

VW workers win off-hours BlackBerry block

To the horror or relief of workers everywhere, a major company has put the kibosh on after-hours e-mail, at least for some employees.

A Volkswagen union in Germany has struck an agreement with management under which the company's e-mail server will stop sending messages to VW-issued BlackBerrys a half hour after a worker's shift ends, the Financial Times reported this past week. The e-mail cessation will end a half hour before the employee's next shift. Workers can still make phone calls off hours.

The deal affects about 1,000 employees, the Financial Times reported. It's not a huge number and doesn't include senior managers or those outside certain pay brackets. But the idea of drawing any kind of line between work life and personal life flies in the face of a long-running trend.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Closer Look at the PlayStation Vita Gaming Handheld

The Vita, which Sony is hailing as the successor to the PlayStation Portable, is expected to surpass the company's previous gaming handhelds, offering improved graphics quality, speed, and sound. According to, it’s the most technologically advanced handheld to date, with a quad-core processor, an OLED multitouch screen, a rear touch panel, front- and rear-facing cameras, the Sixaxis motion-sensing system, Wi-Fi, and optional 3G connectivity.

The Vita will be released in Japan on December 17, and released in Europe and North America on February 22, 2012. The Vita is expected to cost $249 for a Wi-Fi version and $299 for a 3G model. You can buy it when it comes out in stores, or preorder online from Sony or via other retailers such as Gamestop.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Could HTC phones be banned from the U.S.? (FAQ)

The long-standing legal battle between Apple and HTC could make some real headway with the U.S. International Trade Commission set to issue a key ruling next week that could potentially ban HTC products from coming to the U.S.
For more than a year, the two companies have been tussling over the illegal use of each other's technology. The battle represents a microcosm of Apple's larger complaint against Google's Android operating system. As such, the ITC ruling could have serious ramifications on all of Google's Android partners, many of which are engaged with Apple in their own suits.
A ruling from the ITC was expected tomorrow, but has been pushed back to December 14.
With the various lawsuits flying around, it's easy to be overwhelmed. So here's a crash course on the HTC-Apple spat and what it means for you.
What can HTC do?
If HTC is found violating even one of the patents, it'll face the ban. But it doesn't take effect immediately. There is a 60-day presidential review period. HTC, meanwhile, likely has an appeal ready to be filed with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. That court would decide if the ban would go into effect, or be suspended during the appeals process.
Mueller added that depending on the severity of the ruling, HTC could still import phones and tablets that remove the offending features or find some alternative way of delivering that capability, known as a technical workaround.
"It's a safe guess that whatever the ruling is, HTC and Google will jointly claim they have a workaround in place," Mueller said. "What remains to be seen is what price they have to pay for it in terms of product quality and technical compatibility.
HTC, meanwhile, will continue to keep up its legal offensive against Apple. In September, the company filed another amended lawsuit in a district court and at the ITC with patents it acquired from Google.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Online Moderation for Excellent Website Performance

Whether it is day or night, your business website is alive serving your customers and providing them with information. It is what customers are after for also, information that will give them some knowledge about the services and product that you offer. Instead of researching about it they will just visit your website and read all the articles that are written there. Oftentimes customers log in to business websites at the most unexpected hours just to check on new offers. Going online is a matter of availability and convenience. Business websites don’t normally have regular operating hours. Thus, you need someone to respond to their needs as soon as possible. You need online moderators who will do a long range of activities that include performance monitoring and filtering of online contents. Together with computer software, moderators monitor your website to increase the efficiency of your website.
Performance monitoring refers to measuring the efficiency of a website in terms of delivering services to customers who use the site. In performance monitoring, moderators look at the speed in which the server responds and delivers web pages to customers. Moderators check how fast the server is in processing forms or in downloading pictures. When there are traffics that affect the performance of the website, moderators fix them. The goal of moderators when they monitor website performance is to make online content available in real-time.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Online moderation for Content Security

After spending sweat and effort, you and your writers, editors, videographers, graphic designers, photographers and other staff members finally see your works posted on your business website. What if the next day, you see these very same contents unlawfully posted on another website? That is what you call copycat. To minimize that kind of problem you need someone for an online content protection. You need someone who will moderate it. It’s all about piracy specifically content piracy.
Moderators make sure the segments of viral videos are not taken from other productions or websites. After they posted web materials on the business website, they supervise the activities of the site so that no one can just copy the video and use it for illegal purposes. Moderators are your policemen over the internet. They are using some software’s to detect if an articles is copied or if it is duplicated. With pictures, some place the business logo at the bottom of the picture. Others program the picture so that it will not be shown unless the user registers as a member of the website. Moderators are the one who are going to protect you.
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Apple promises a fix for iPhone battery

Angry iPhone 4S owners take note: You were right about the battery problems with your new smartphone.

Apple today verified that there are bugs causing the battery problems many iPhone 4S users have recently reported.

Complaints about the iPhone 4S’s battery life have started to pile up over the last few days on Apple’s support site where threads that address the phone’s battery life have filled more than 200 pages. Users afflicted by the problem say their phones last just hours with only minimal use.

Today’s statement was Apple’s first comment on the complaints, which started shortly after the launch of the new iPhone 4S on October 14. The statement is also the first confirmation that the issues are a problem with the iOS 5 software rather than the hardware on the 4S. Apple also received similar battery life complaints after the company released its iOS 4 update last year.

While Apple has yet to comment on what bugs exactly cause the battery drain issues, some iPhone 4S users have looked into the issue themselves and posted their own theories. The most popular theory involves unusually fast battery draining when using the phone’s automatic time zone detection.

Apple has already seeded a beta of its next software update to developers and the notes for that update, dubbed 5.0.1, promise that it “fixes bugs affecting battery life.” Until the update arrives, users should look at PCWorld's tips and tricks for conserving your phone's battery life.


3D Radar Tech to Improve Wind Farms Worldwide

One major impediment to wind power is turbine interference with aviation radar. A new radar system could unlock nearly 70 percent of wind applications in the United Kingdom that are currently on hold because of this problem.
Although we’re big fans of wind power here at "Smarter Technology," wind turbines have their setbacks, such as low efficiency and weird effects on weather patterns. Wind power also poses a potential risk for aviation, as the spinning turbines can show up as planes on radar systems. Aveillant, a new U.K.-based start-up, recently released a high-tech solution to this problem: 3D holographic radar.
Aveillant’s proprietary 3D holographic radar recognizes the presence and location of nearby aircrafts to safely prevent collisions and other problems, including hindrance of air-defense effectiveness. The technology is a result of collaboration between various industry experts, including wind-farm developers and airport operators.
While current solutions to prevent radar interference with aviation systems sacrifice sensitivity and accuracy, the 3D holographic radar meets requirements set by the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense, and is cost-effective enough for even small wind farms to use. In 2010, the U.K. Government’s Aviation Management Board selected Aveillant’s technology as a leading radar solution.
The opening of more wind farms in England and elsewhere should also create thousands of new jobs in the renewable-energy industry.


Next iPad Coming March, But "Real iPad 3" Not Until Q3 2012?

On-again, off-again, industry publication Digitimes is claiming that Apple's next iPad will enter mass production soon and will launch in March 2012. The catch is that according to their sources, this new iPad product is not seen by Apple as an iPad 3, but instead an upgraded iPad 2. Instead they say "the real iPad 3" won't be launched until the 3rd quarter of 2012 at the earliest.
The most obvious distinction, though not mentioned in the article, could come from the use of a ultra-high resolution Retina display. Talk of a such a display has been ongoing for months, but the most recent reports indicate that Apple's suppliers are finding it challenge to produce such high density displays.

Digitimes has been particularly prolific in the past year with their rumors, but have become particularly spotty in their accuracy. While plans could have obviously changed, their previous iPad 3 report claimed a Fall 2011 launch. So, take this new report with some skepticism. That said, an ultra high resolution iPad-sized Retina display could easily be the production bottleneck for Apple's plans. 


New Tech Start Up Companies

Entering the fast track to technology and business success is at the forefront of many young tech companies’ minds. With some incredible ideas coming into play the tech market remains hard to pin down, but exciting non-the-less.

Sticking a pin in the map at NY, we find some great little tech companies that I feel are at the heart of the matter. I say that as these small little companies usually are passionate about what they are doing while less focused on the shuffling of money and stock share values and really just about what it is they are putting on the market. Zipmark, is a great new mobile payment service that providing quick, easy, and inexpensive payment processing. Seeing this trend pop up over the course of the last year or two at least, I only see it gaining traction as small (and more importantly, mobile) business look hard at costs in a struggling economy. Well done, keep the surge going-technology should aid us in bringing these costs down for the small businesses.

Another interesting company that I think will bring a lot to the table as the instant information age further develops is CB Insights. They are making new strides in displaying new information and data in a useful way for new start-ups and private companies. I have a specific soft spot in my heart for info data and anything that continues to aid us in comprehending more, faster. We think in pictures, thus give us info in new and better ways. They will continue to aid in decision making process that include determining business partner strength and reliability, vender selection, investment decisions and countless others.

Very similar to that direction is Aqumin, a company displaying trading information in a 3-D format that allows traders to see trends and mass data in a new and more beneficial way. Again to me it is time that technology started to serve us in more specific ways, that meaning that we need to start by knowing who we are as humans and aligning new technologies with our inherent ways of learning, thinking, being, not the other way around. Aqumin takes data technology in that direction, aligning it with how we think-in pictures. That is how all data should be displayed anyways, whenever possible.


No to SPAM and Inappropriate Comments

The top irritant in most websites and inboxes around the world is SPAM and inappropriate comments/content. Spams are very annoying most spammers do spam to market their site or their products and we can minimize these spammers.
SPAM is the indiscriminate posting of bulk messages regarding various topics, offers and information without the operational costs of conventional advertising. Both have no specific target population and their goals are clear and simple; spreading a message that a percentage of the online population might actually pay attention to plus react for or against. It degrades the standard user-experience.
Online moderation addresses these issues before they become full-blown problems. A carefully guarded and well maintained website free from SPAM and inappropriate comments is a clear reflection of a dignified business that is serious in its aim to serve. There will always be SPAMMERS and users who promote trolling, goading or defamation. That is the reality of being part of the world wide web. Online moderators and the services they provide are the number one defence against these very real online threats.
Keep your website SPAM-free and avoid inappropriate comments through “WWW Moderation”. For more information about website monitoring and online moderation, visit or email us at

The Newest Realizations about Online Moderations

Advertising lines for online moderation services are cliches. They say the same old thing: installing online moderation into a business system is recommended by specialists and successful businessmen.
But those cliches are proven. They are real. The democracy given to internet users proves the need for online moderation in leading chat sites. Privacy issues corrupted some Facebook users to deactivate their account. Businesses stay vigilant from troll messages. The government is working hard to bust pirates. Lawmakers want to push more intellectual copyright laws. Online moderation stays a need for every business website to become a top-grossing one.
You can read the full article by clicking the link source below.


Twitter Moderation is for business

With more than 300 million users worldwide in 2011, Twitter is undeniably a good site to promote a business. The micro-blogging and social networking site is being joined by thousands of businesses for marketing goals.
A recent study from Pear Analytics, a San Antonio-based market research center, categorized six activities of Twitter users: pointless babble, conversational, pass-along value, self-promotion, spam and news. Joining Twitter may mean doing the six specified activities to boost income, for free.
1. Use a Face Not a Mere Logo As Your Profile Photo While it is true that a logo is the representation of the business, it would be nicer to use a person’s face as the user profile photo. First, faces are more memorable than logos. Second, the account will not look like a mere business-purpose page. A Twitter account is more attractive when it uses the face of a popular personality linked to the business. Is that right, Mr. Mashable?
2. Post Exclusive Tweets There should be posts that are intended for Twitter followers only. Usually, social media pages of a business contain same posts. The business should make sure there are special messages for Twitter follower, as well as having separate messages for Facebook subscribers. This will help the followers realize that they are special to the business.
3. Pick Up Statements To arouse the interest of followers and other users, moderators should be creative enough to create pick lines. The lines must be entertaining, informative and witty. Once followers start replying or re-tweeting a good pick up line, everything goes viral. Usually, moderators flood with interesting questions. This strategy is much recommended. Some throw trivial information and quotations. It would be boring also if the posts all contain things about the business.
4. Tweet Something Useful Users log in to Twitter to learn something. The site is also educational. Followers love tweets that help them in purchasing, spending and using a certain product. Thus, businesses should tweet tips that current and future customers may use. Businesses can also tweet guidelines to remind customers of the proper way of using products. Some businesses tweet links of helpful articles that may aid Twitter users especially during emergency.
5. Give Attention to All Responses The greatest reward for a Twitter user is to get a tweet re-tweeted by someone. Messages from followers that are entertaining and informative should re-tweeted. Shared ideas from followers deserve a “thank you” note. Questions should be entertained. Giving attention to all messages may need too much time and effort in the part of a moderator. But everything is worth it when Twitter users become potential customers. A simple “RT” or smiley can do it.
Moderators use “hashtags” and codes appropriately for the business. One tip: a successful business hires moderators to do online moderation. This will allow the business to concentrate on its main activities while moderators do the tricks online.
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Another Thing About Picture Moderation

Picture or image Moderation is one of the forms included in this system. In this age of photography, art and digital creativeness, no subject is taboo, not image is unappreciated and no work of creativity will go unrecognized. This freedom of image expression is quite widespread online and this freedom shouldn’t be abuse.
That is why picture moderation is necessary. Amid the freedom of expression, the underlying principle is still “there is a time and a place for everything”. Image uploads must be carefully guarded to prevent offending people or causing undesired effects to those who use these websites and view images. We must consider the young ones who sometimes use the internet for some educational purposes Picture moderation safeguards intellectual property, image rights and creative control to protect identities and related images.
The picture or image moderation service is for clients who value image and dignity for their websites as well as social network sites which provide profile photos and image albums. It is a very important matter in the World Wide Web today. Recognizing the need for clean and purely goal-driven services, New Media Services offers its very own Photo Moderation - a part of the “WWW Moderation” service which is a moderation system geared towards clients who want professional service for their website needs.
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The Drama of Social Media Moderation

Creating a business page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ rewards your business with good publicity and excellent customer interactivity. However, the benefits are not instant. Moderators need to undergo some dilemmas and issues before bringing your business good news.
Moderators Going Too Personal
Admit it or not but moderators’ behavior is a representation of the deeds of the business. How they behave tells something about the business.
When they are too serious, users will understand that the business is a serious one. When moderators behave inappropriately, users will think the business is full of junks.
One important thing that moderators do is checking the list of friends of the account. When almost all friends of the account page are females, it will create an impression that the business is for females. Furthermore, when friends are all celebrities, the business may be accused of being a socialite.
Pure Marketing Technique
Moderators working for social media are robots of patience. Thanks to moderation services that help businesses moderate forums, social media and chat services while the businesses concentrate producing quality products and services.
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Businesses: Living in Moderation

Moderation is the avoidance of extremes in an attempt to retain a favorable image and lifespan that is free from anything that prevents positive development. In business, the sustainability of a product or service depends heavily on overall opinion. Moderation services aim to maintain, improve and lengthen the marketability of offered products and services through tedious safeguarding. Moderation is pre-emptive in the avoidance of future problems that can ruin the business’ credibility and eventually the whole business.
Moderators check all web materials before, during and after these are posted online. These web materials include articles, graphics, comments, audio and many more before these are published. They make sure that these materials are original, not to spark legal issues and/or undesirable criticism. They look for parts of an article that degrade someone or discriminate a group. They also review comments from users and they either remove or post the comments.
Living in moderation is deciding the right thing to do with web materials. There are issues that online moderators consider for more effective moderation management. Moderators are shock absorbers. They receive e-mails from customers who try to inform the business of dissatisfaction. They guard against arguments on chat services. They direct complaints to the right department. In moderation management, one of the toughest jobs is identifying the most appropriate course of action. It can be quite confusing to judge the post-worthiness of specific contents. That is why tasks like these are left in the hands of moderators who have sound judgment and follow strict guidelines regarding website content.
When a business goes online, an online moderation service should be a priority. For more information about moderation management, please visit or email us at

Image Moderation is a Need

When running a site where user members can upload photos, image moderation is encouraged to maintain the quality of the site and to avoid future problems arising from irresponsible uploading. Some users upload some unnecessary images like rude photos,barbaric ones and sometimes the worst thing is the nude ones.
On classified sites, there are three sets of photos that need to be checked. First are duplications. Users may be uploading the same images that they have uploaded already. Moreover, users may be uploading photos that may have been uploaded by other users, you must have a copyright of that photo. Second are pictures of illegal products. Membership in online catalogs may be open to anyone but the products being sold are only limited to the legal ones even pictures of illegal drugs are sometimes not allowed and must be moderated. Thus, pictures of illegal products are not accepted. Third are pictures that show abusive texts. Negligent texts on pictures can cause harm to an institution or to another user member. Parody text that might have negative result are sometimes being moderated also for some legal purposes.
Image moderation is also a need when running dating sites. Some sites accept “nude” photos while others do not. That is why a good moderation guideline is made before running a site. Some dating sites are strict with photos showing private parts especially when the site is aware that some of its members belong to the younger market.
In social media and forums, pictures are strictly not offensive to any person, religion, race, belief or nationality. Decency and respect are always given attention to in social media and forums. Moderation assists administrators to stop human injustices happening within the site. Thus, all pictures that discriminate and offend other users are rejected for publishing.
On gaming sites, moderators check photo uploads to look for inserted abusive texts. Photos with texts are carefully reviewed for approval. Like on other sites, photos that may have been copied illegally are not approved.
The usual process is that registered users wait for approval after uploading sets of photos. The moderators are given a specific time to run an eye on the pictures. They either approve or disapprove the photos. When disapproved, there is always a list of reasons why the picture was disapproved. Some sites specify the reason while others simply refer the user to a list of guidelines for reviewing purposes.
One of the greatest benefits a website gets from online moderation is the avoidance of legal suits that may lead to bad publicity. First, all copyrightable pictures are not approved. Moderators make sure they are approving original images. Second, frauds are minimized. Users who want to cheat on other people through posting scam pictures are warned, with the help of fine moderators. When a site is publicized to have frauds going on or to be facing legal suits, the site will be notoriously known. Some sites have lost money in defending their site for publishing pictures that degrade a part of the minority. Photo moderation is a magic that keeps troubles away. Thus, image moderation should not be an option for website owners. It must be a big need.
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When to Moderate Comments

Allowing visitors to throw comments on your blog, website, forum or any web page is a good marketing technique. It increases the interactivity of your page and the traffic on it but sometimes we cannot avoid some lousy or rude feedback that they are going to throw to our website. This is when moderation is needed and comes in.
Moderation makes sure your page is protected from extra-intentions of your visitors. When moderating a comment, it all depends on you what i mean is you either approve the publishing of the comment or not. Once it is approved, it appears on your page. And if the comment is disapproved for reasons, it will not be shown or sometimes the user can be blocked too.
When the comment is very long, it would occupy a big portion of your page. Such comment is not presentable. Thus, it is smart to encourage visitors to observe a maximum number of words when commenting. One more thing, most visitors usually do not read very long comments.
Visitors, on their outrage emotions, may use barbaric and negative terms to show their reaction over a post. They may swear, curse or even the worst of it they can use street expressions to express themselves. Moderation screens comments that use inappropriate language. Strict moderation of comments with inappropriate terms should be observed. First, such terms offend other visitors. Other visitors may get irritated when reading comments with barbaric and negative terms. Second, visitors will generalize your page is being visited by unprofessional internet users.
Since some visitors like to post their website URL on other sites, you must make sure the URL post is not broken. It would be useless if other visitors click on the URL and the link does not show anything. Another reason why you have to check the URL is to check the content of the website directed to. Disapprove if the website promotes illegal activities such as using drugs but i suggest to just ban the website to avoid more damages that it can cause. Make sure all information pitched into your web page is in line with the objectives of your page.
More than moderating comments, moderation services extends to checking visitor submissions to your site like audio clips, video clips, articles and pictures.
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Moderation System in a Forum Site

Forum sites are being powered by three sets of people: user participants, moderators and administrators. The participants join the site to share their ideas on discussions. Administrators work on the technical aspects of the site. In the middle are the moderators who monitor the success of the forums.
A good moderation system implements a prescribed length of comment. A minimum and maximum number of characters or words should clearly be identified. However, some forum sites do not require such, believing the “quantity” of a comment does not reflect the quality of the idea being expressed. The truth is that requiring a maximum word count maintains good presentation of the forum page. It would be dull to see a very long comment after a one-word comment.
A very important part of a moderation system is the archiving of discussions. The moderators and the administrators see to it that fresher contents appear on the site’s main pages. Some forums give expiration date to created forums. For discussions that gained no comment, these are deleted to give a space to the most participated discussions. Moderators and administrators work hand in hand to identify what discussion should be in the homepage that attracts more participants.
Importantly, a good moderation system needs a feedback mechanism. Users should have an avenue where they can express how good or how bad the site is.
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Forum Moderation

Moderation comes in many different forms but are essentially all covered by the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality or an adherence to set standards throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. On Internet websites which invite users to post comments, a moderation system is the method the webmaster or moderator chooses to sort contributions which are irrelevant, obscene, illegal, or insulting with regards to useful or informative contributions.

Forum Moderation is one of the forms included in this system. It involves the regulation of forum posts. Reviewing questions, answers, opinions and all other posted data to safeguard users from undesirable, illegal and offensive information. Forum moderation is essential in all websites that offer panels, conferences, string conversations or message boards. They differ from chat rooms mainly because messages are not shown in real-time, to see new messages the forum page must be reloaded. Also, depending on the access level of a user and/or the forum set-up, a posted message might need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible.

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People Behind Moderation

Moderators are skilled people developing your business website to make sure that no item online will give your business bad image. They are granted access to the content of your website to make sure no item online contains undesirable remarks about your business.
In the process of chat moderation, the moderator screens messages that need not to be posted. He tells the publisher which messages should be and should not be published in the chat space. Unpublished messages either humiliate another participant or are very abusive and sensitive to be shown in public. Nowadays, post and blog moderators have now friends in their work. Some companies offer software that assists moderators in guarding their businesses against negative posts and blogs in other websites. One of the companies that offer this service is New Media Services. With its WWW Moderation, posts and blogs inside and outside a business website are monitored. Positive remarks are maintained and the negative ones are deleted.
In the internet, there is complete freedom of speech. People can tweet and post any comment about your business. Your website writers and publishers can also commit mistakes. Before any error will be exposed to millions of people around the world who may be your customers or future customers, there is one thing that you can do: moderate.
To know more about Moderation and the people and services behind it visit us at or email us at

Video Moderation

Video Moderation is one of the forms included in this system. Simply put, video moderation is the task of spotting offensive, illegal and undesired video content uploads on a website. Video moderators serve as guardians of any and all video contents uploaded.

A huge pool of entertainment, network, commercial and resource sites currently offer video posting and are quite strict in video posts. With video moderation employed and uploading rules enforced, end-users will be able to enjoy the services offered without the worry of unworthy posts eating-up their bandwidth and flooding servers.

The video moderation service is for clients who value image and dignity for their websites as well as social network sites which provide video showcasing. Recognizing the need for clean and purely goal-driven services, New Media Services offers its very own Video Moderation - a part of the �WWW Moderation� service which is a moderation system geared towards clients who want professional service for their website needs.

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Types of Moderation

Nowadays, anything published online can be viewed by millions around the world. A simple error can create serious damages to your business. Thus, it is a need to moderate all contents of your website to make sure that all items in your website, from articles to videos to comments, are in line with your objectives and existing laws and will not create any controversy. Text moderation makes sure that texts do not spark legal suits. That is the most common type of moderation. Another type of moderation is chat moderation. In some websites, chatting is permitted to increase the interactivity of website. Moreover, pictures are needed to be monitored also. In some social networking sites, pictures are filtered to avoid those with themes on sex, crimes and prohibited drugs. You need to approve pictures that your customers contribute. Like pictures, videos should also be moderated. You must pick decent and original videos that your contributors send. This will minimize morally-degrading videos and pornographic clips. Remember, there are some videos that humiliate big personalities. In forums, moderation is also a need. Topics must be helpful to the business. Moderation includes starting a relevant topic. Opinions must be checked before and after these are published in the forum space. Lastly, blog moderation targets blogs about your business and service. Blogs are widely read like Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. Blogs are even longer so a blogger can expand his point. Before damages and controversies arise, you need to make sure that what is published online is not giving you bad remarks. Remember, online messages are like flu viruses that can spread in just seconds. For more moderation information visit us at htttp:// or email us at

Chat Moderation for all

Chat Moderation is one of the services included in moderation system. The main goal is to regulate chat or conversations within the host website. Since users are a mixed population with perceptions and views that deviate drastically from one persons point of thought to the other, issues within a chat room have the formula for potential trouble. That is where Chat Moderation is needed. A webmaster or moderator performs moderation tasks based on the overall direction of the chat and the possible implications of words and opinions posted.
Chat moderation services are for clients who value image and dignity for their websites as well as chat-service providers who do not want their chat sessions ruined or veered off their true purpose. Recognizing the need for clean and purely goal-driven services, New Media Services offers its very own Chat Moderation – a part of the “WWW Moderation”.
New Media Services is in the forefront in bringing real people, who give live interactive support services, catering for both the Web and Mobile industries.
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Online Moderation Services

Online Moderation is a hands-on regulation and review system for uploads, posts and links that ensures protection against unethical, inflammatory and illegal content on a serviced website. Moderation services range from media uploads text posts and miscellaneous files or links.

New Media Services offers “WWW Moderation” - a moderation system offered to clients who want professional service for their website needs.
New Media Services has in its employ, a large team of experts to handle client-demands and assist in your company’s goals by shouldering the weight of moderating undesired website threats like SPAM, Flames, Trolling, False or unpermitted Advertising, Outside Linking, Illegal Programs/Scripts, Piracy and Censor Bypassing.

New Media Services is in the forefront in bringing real people, who give live interactive support services, catering for both the Web and Mobile industries. We lead in providing global outsourcing services utilizing real people. We are the ultimate resource for all your information and entertainment requirements, backed by a team of dedicated and skilled staff.
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